Friday, 8 January 2016


So we're here! 

We've just arrived in Stockholm and found that basically the airport is closed and there are a small amount of areas deemed hospitable to human life. According to Kieran it's about -10 degrees celcius outside so it's safe to say it's cold. There's snow everywhere outside, it's a wonder we managed to land at all! We're safe and sound though and are about to bunker down for the night in some semi comfy chairs but without any form of charging so this post will have to be short and sweet before my laptop dies.

Anyway so it's finally here and we're on our way to our new home. All I can currently think about though is food and there's a burger bar right behind me that I'll be going to in a second, gotta get me some fud.

I've succeeded in annoying people already with the pictures and the videos, it's safe to say that these guys are going to have to learn that when they turn around and inadvertently pull the most unflattering face, I WILL be there and I WILL catch it on camera / film :D Speaking of pictures, here are a few that have been taken so far:

Note the not so flattering poses.

Anyway, there's really not much more to say currently other than we're here safe and sound and a little bit hungry / tired.

The next time that I post will be when we've arrived in Longyearbyen later today and have had a chance to look around the town. There will be pictures!

Time for a cuppah I think.

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